The Legal Nuggets Essay Prize

The Legal Nuggets Limited is accepting entries from Nigerian writers. As an organization that believes in professional training, development, and networking, we understand that it is necessary to encourage rising wordsmiths
within the country to develop the culture of writing and reading. Therefore, we have instituted this prize.

If you are 18 and above and confirm that you are eligible, we invite you to participate in this competition with a chance to win

Note that you must be a member of TLN to participate in this competition.
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Please read our eligibility requirements and the rules for this competition so you can submit an essay on the topic below, and stand a chance to win ₦50,000 along with a reputable prize certificate.




As a reminder, your work will be judged anonymously so please do not include any personal information within the work or its file name. We look forward to reading your wonderful entry.

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